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  • Best of the best | Aug 9, 2019

    I’ve been seeing Dr. Yang and the crew for about a year now. I cannot stress how important it is for this dental chicken to feel comfortable with EVERY AS...

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    Dr. David Yang, DMD

    This review is for Dr. David Yang, DMD

  • | Aug 5, 2019

    Excellent care at the front desk and in back. Dr. Rodda is very informative and his dentistry is very efficient. I highly recommend this office if you’re l...

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    Dr. Daniel Rodda, DDS

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  • | Apr 23, 2019

    I went in expecting to have a tooth pulled---then a bridge or in-plant. Very expensive/lots of money for him. Instead, he said he might be able to pull the...

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    Dr. Scott Darlington, DDS

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