Healthgrades Contributors

Healthgrades Medical Reviewers have the responsibility of ensuring the clinical accuracy of all content on Healthgrades, from appointments guides to articles, videos and more. Our network of medical reviewers includes more than 150 healthcare professionals across a variety of medical specialties and disciplines. Our members have significant experience in clinical practice, giving them insights into the questions readers have and how to convey that information clearly.

All content that includes clinical health information goes through a medical review prior to publication. Our medical reviewers ensure the content is backed by documented scientific studies and treatment guidelines reflective of currently accepted standards of practice.

Our writers include physicians, pharmacists, and registered nurses with firsthand clinical experience, as well as professional writers with extensive knowledge of health and healthcare topics.

Healthgrades serves an important and unique role in the healthcare journey. We connect our audience with the right healthcare professional for their specific needs at the moment they are choosing a doctor and making an appointment. As such, our content helps them prepare for their appointments and equips them with the information they need to have a productive visit with a medical professional.