Susan McBratney, PhD

Susan McBratney, PhD

Susan McBratney has been a staff writer and medical editor at Healthgrades since 2009. After beginning her career in basic science research and literature curation, Susan switched gears to write and edit medical content in the consumer-focused digital health field. With the editorial team, Susan has helped Healthgrades develop an extensive content library of more than 6,000 assets.

Susan is passionate about communicating clear, concise and accurate health, scientific and medical information to a variety of audiences. A motivating factor for Susan is that, for people facing a physical or mental health condition, truly understanding the problem and its treatment options is essential to greater well-being.

Susan’s areas of expertise include:

  • Custom, consumer-focused health and medical information

  • Background research for medical information

  • Behavioral health problems

  • Infectious disease

  • Disease control and prevention

  • Information design and formatting

Susan received her bachelor's degree from San Diego State University and her doctorate degree from University of Colorado.