Reach the largest audience
of patients when it matters most —
right before they visit a doctor
Over 1MM people visit Healthgrades
every day to find the right doctor and the right care, and
64% of them will make an appointment that week1
The right audience, right before the doctor's visit
With targeting based on over 20,000 conditions,
physician specialties, demographics, or behaviors,
your ads on Healthgrades will reach the most
relevant patients for your brand.
Solutions that motivate
more conversation with
doctors about your brand
Healthgrades also educates consumers with
best-in-class editorial content and tools.
Exclusive sponsorship of this doctor visit-focused
content motivates consumers to make an
appointment and empowers better discussions.
Reach that extends from
appointing to appointment
Retargeting Healthgrades visitors across the
web in the days leading up to their appointments
keeps your brand top of mind when it matters most.
Reaching a patient in the time between making an appointment
and seeing the doctor increases ad recall by 47%2
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Sources: 1Infosurv study on, 2014, n-437   2comScore, October 2015, n-916; Significant at 90% confidence level vs. control.