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by: Wellness Editorial Team
Mar 18 2015

Top Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

The majority of doctors spend just 13 to 20 minutes with each patient—and 1 in 5 doctors spends less time than that. Key questions can help get to the heart of your health matters in the limited time you may have with your doctor.

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@hgscottbooker Feb 15
My latest post on embracing disruption to make healthcare easier is live on the @Healthgrades blog:
@hgandreapearson Feb 15
Literally meeting the consumers where they are. Love this! via @MobiHealthNews
@hgscottbooker Feb 15
Great points! This is applicable here in the US as well.
@hgandreapearson Feb 14
Her Near-death Experience Opened Physician's Eyes to Empathy

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