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by: Marcus Birney
May 14 2015

How To: Save Your Insurance Card in the Healthgrades App

With a few touches and a quick photo, you’ll reduce the physical cards you need to carry and put the info where you need it, next to your docs in the Healthgrades app.

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by: Amanda Glanz
Dec 18 2014

New on Healthgrades: Compare Providers

We’ve always had a wealth of information about providers, but we’ve never had a good way for you to look at multiple providers and compare their details - until now.

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Quality Center? What's That?

Ever wondered which hospitals have the best clinical quality in America?  Or which hospitals have the best Patient Experience or Patient Safety scores?  You can find out in the Healthgrades Quality Center.

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by: Marcus Birney
Dec 15 2014

Healthgrades iPhone App

Our iPhone app is a better way to find doctors, research the care they provide and understand how hospital outcomes affect you. It can help you to understand the available data and save all your doctors’ and hospitals’ information so it’s there for you, when you need it.

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by: Lindsay Sharon
Dec 12 2014

What is a Patient Satisfaction Survey?

A Patient Satisfaction Survey is Healthgrades’ way of sharing patients’ opinions about their medical providers. Our patient satisfaction survey asks patients about aspects of their healthcare experience that is closely linked to quality. When evaluating and choosing a doctor, you should consider the survey responses along with the doctor’s experience and background.

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Healthgrades debuts chat platform to link patients, doctors between visits
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"We need to connect with our patient's hopes, dreams, and fears." We couldn't agree more! @ZDoggMD #HealthShare17
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