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by: Scott Booker
May 16 2017

The Wazzups and Fist Bumps of Communicating with Patients

In this day and age, communicating with one another is really all about the fist bump. This is because now, we live, work and play in a casual environment, with technology at our fingertips that allows us to quickly connect with others in a very informal way. 

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by: Steve Leibforth
May 03 2017

The New Hospital Marketing Department and What It Means for Consumers

Hospital marketers are truly at the center of some interesting factors that are converging. It’s very apparent that there is a shift in focus and resources within healthcare marketing departments to place the consumer at the center of the journey, meet them wherever they are seeking health information and to be responsive and available beyond typical business hours. 

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by: Scott Booker
Apr 27 2017

Why Sugar Isn't Sweet for the Healthcare Industry

Chronic diseases are primarily brought on through the social determinants of health - where you live, who you hang out with, if you smoke, whether you exercise and what you eat. Meaning that the decisions we make day-to-day, about whether or not to smoke, about whether or not to exercise and whether or not we’re going to snack on a cookie or an orange are really important to managing our health over time. 

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by: Christian Dwyer
Apr 20 2017

Health Happens Between Doctor Visits

We’ve heard for a long time: health care is continuous. From doctor’s visits and urgent care drop-ins to the choices you make – eating habits, wellness activities and more – all play into your health. And while your doctor should be involved in most of these activities, we know that most consumers visit their doctor fewer than three times a year. 

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by: Andrea Pearson
Apr 14 2017

Behind the Bots: The Strategy and Technology Behind Communicating with Patients Between Visits

A typical healthcare consumer visits their doctor’s office 2.7 times per year. But between these visits are the real moments that matter for managing a patient’s health over time. Hospitals and health systems are seeking ways to engage their patients outside the fifteen-minute appointment window. 

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Read my post on connecting with patients via CareChats, our new chatbot solution:…
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