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A bariatric surgeon specializes in treating obesity in people who have not had success with medical weight loss programs. Bariatric surgeons perform weight loss surgery, such as gastric banding and gastric bypass, and manage long-term weight loss. A bariatric surgeon focuses on the health needs of people who have clinically severe obesity (also called morbid obesity) or obesity-related health problems.

A bariatric surgeon typically: 

  • Evaluates your medical history and your previous attempts at medical weight loss

  • Performs a physical exam

  • Orders and interprets imaging exams, laboratory tests, and psychological evaluations

  • Prescribes medications and vitamin supplements

  • Performs surgical procedures on your digestive tract to promote weight loss and long-term weight maintenance

  • Recommends dietary and nutritional counseling

A bariatric surgeon may also be known as a weight loss surgeon, metabolic surgeon, or obesity surgeon. Other professional titles include gastric bypass or gastric band surgeon if the surgeon specializes in a particular type of weight loss surgery.

There are 1348 specialists practicing Bariatric Surgery in with an overall average rating of 4.4 stars. There are 1269 hospitals near with affiliated Bariatric Surgery specialists, including Hartford Hospital, Cedars - Sinai Medical Center and Houston Methodist Hospital.

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