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At Healthgrades, we take the guesswork out of finding the right doctors, hospitals, and care for you and your family. By making healthcare easier and more transparent, Healthgrades empowers you to make decisions based on information, not just instinct. You can rest easy knowing you and your family are receiving proven, high-quality care that's right for you.

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Choosing the Right Doctor, Hospital, & Healthcare

Why look for just the closest doctor when you can find the perfect doctor – based on experience, a background check, hospital affiliation, patient reviews, insurance, culture competencies and more.

The information you need to find the care you deserve

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Experience Check

Choose the right doctor and healthcare specialist based on their experience & background - not just location

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Hospital Quality + Awards

Having the best doctor in the world doesn't matter if your procedure is conducted at a poor hospital or facility. Research top performing hospitals

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Patient Reviews

90% of patients use online review before seeing a physician. Take advantage of Healthgrades 10M+ vetted quality reviews.

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What Matters to You

With 11M+ search combinations, use Healthgrades advanced search to find your perfect doctor or specialist.

Healthgrades is more than a doctor search site, but a healthcare tool getting you the right care you deserve with advanced doctor and hospital search, healthcare management, rich content, and more. Becoming a power user is easy. We have several quick videos showing you how to maximize your search.

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Healthgrades search and account tools are where quality meets convenience. Filter your search to find doctors who meet your family’s appointment needs, from on-demand telehealth appointments to online scheduling for in-person appointments. Once you’ve found the right doctors, build your Care Team so you can have everyone’s doctors all in one place, plus keep track of upcoming appointments you’ve booked online through Healthgrades. Together, our organizational tools make Healthgrades the heart of your family’s healthcare organization.
Prepare for your appointment
In addition to finding the right care, you can better understand your condition and prepare for your appointment with Healthgrades editorial content and interactive tools.

Our Content

Through our ever-expanding library of thousands of articles, appointment guides, slideshows, videos, quizzes and more, you can learn more about hundreds of conditions and procedures. Our exclusive content, written by real doctors and patients, makes healthcare personal, offering expert insight about current treatments and sharing compelling stories about the daily experience of living with common chronic conditions.

Transparency Center - Reviews
Healthgrades Methodologies - The Anatomy of a Rating
Explore the how, what and why of Healthgrades methodologies. How does Healthgrades come up with their rating system? What makes a doctor a top match for my condition? Why is a 5-Star hospital better than a 3-Star hospital?

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Diversity Hands
Healthgrades DEI Pledge
By connecting you with doctors who prioritize diversity and inclusivity in their practice, Healthgrades aims to bridge healthcare disparities and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to make informed decisions about their well-being. Our mission is for all people to have access to quality healthcare, regardless of background. Learn more how we are allowing patients to filter for culture competencies and diversity.

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