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Healthgrades Further Expands its Range of Consumer Access Points For Health System Partners

Healthgrades’ consumer reach combined with its breadth of access points enables health systems to drive guaranteed results

Denver, CO (May 12, 2017) – Healthgrades, the leading online resource for information about physicians and hospitals, today announced that it has enhanced its online scheduling options to offer the most comprehensive suite of consumer-focused access solutions in the industry.  

Consumers who visit Healthgrades are often at a critical decision point. More than 95% of the one million consumers a day visiting Healthgrades ultimately book an appointment with a doctor or other care provider within a week. With the addition of online scheduling to its solution suite, Healthgrades offers consumers even greater convenience and allows health systems to connect with patients more quickly. In fact, the availability of online scheduling drives not only online appointment volume, but has also been shown to drive up to a 25% increase in calls for appointments.

“Consumers want the flexibility and convenience of multiple access channels including online appointments, appointment requests, and call center support through both a health system’s website and other third party sites,” said Eric Jensen, Executive Vice President, Hospital Systems Products and Strategy, Healthgrades. “The significant investment Healthgrades has made in our online scheduling offerings coupled with our unmatched reach and consumer audience, allows health systems to meet consumers where they are and engage in the way they want.  No one else in the industry can bring together all those access points into a single unified solution offering.”

As part of the solution, Healthgrades is also rolling out the ability for health systems to manage appointment inventory utilization. If a primary provider doesn’t have enough availability, Healthgrades displays alternative providers within the same health system with online appointment availability. This helps consumers find another physician nearby with appointment availability and allows health systems to manage workloads by promoting providers who have open panels.

Recent research from Stax, commissioned by Healthgrades, found that more than 80% of consumers prefer physicians that display available appointments online to those that do not offer such a service, even if the physician with online appointments had lesser availability.

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Healthgrades, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is the leading online resource for comprehensive information about physicians and hospitals. Today, more than one million people a day use the Healthgrades website to search, compare and connect with hospitals and physicians based on the most important measures when selecting a healthcare provider: experience, hospital quality and patient satisfaction. For more information about Healthgrades, visit or download the  Healthgrades iPhone app.

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