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Healthgrades announces PatientConnect Video, the first online video health solution that connects patients with local specialists who treat their conditions

Atlanta, GA - (Oct. 1, 2019) – Healthgrades, the leading online resource for information about physicians and hospitals, today announced the launch of PatientConnect Video, a new endemic online video solution that connects patients with qualified, local specialists. PatientConnect Video delivers educational video programming about specific health conditions, while simultaneously connecting the viewer with experienced healthcare providers in their community. PatientConnect Video eliminates the uncertainty for patients who don’t know where to access care.

The new offering enhances Healthgrades’ innovative solution suite for pharmaceutical companies and uses Healthgrades proprietary AI technology to ensure each patient can find a relevant healthcare provider, increasing the likelihood that they get the care they need.  For example, patients watching video content about rheumatoid arthritis are dynamically provided with listings of rheumatologists closest to their location along with the physicians’ accepted insurance, patient reviews, contact information and more.  

“When it comes to the consumer journey in healthcare, Healthgrades sits in a unique and influential position – creating the moment when prospective patients connect with healthcare providers,” said Brad Graner, President, Healthgrades. “With PatientConnect Video, Healthgrades has created a totally new level of support when it comes to the role of online video – empowering patients not only to learn about conditions, but also to find a specialist who can help them access the care they need.” 

“In pharmaceutical advertising today, every commercial sends a consumer to speak to their doctor or specialist. Healthgrades PatientConnect Video takes this message to the next level by helping the patient find their doctor,” said John Mangano, Senior Vice President, Business Intelligence, Healthgrades. “After viewing an ad online, Healthgrades delivers individually localized contact information, along with patient reviews of the provider, so each patient can connect with the right practitioner.”

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Healthgrades is dedicated to empowering stronger and more meaningful connections between patients and their healthcare providers. At, we help millions of consumers each month find and schedule appointments with their provider of choice. With our scheduling solutions and advanced analytics applications, we help our health system clients representing over 1,500 hospitals across the country to cultivate new patient relationships, improve patient access, and build customer loyalty. At Healthgrades, better health gets a head start.    

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