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Healthgrades Announces Launch of New LGBTQ+ Affirming Care Designation in Continued Partnership With OutCare Health

    Denver, CO – June 6, 2023 – Healthgrades, in collaboration with OutCare Health, has announced the launch of its new LGBTQ+ Affirming Care Designation on its website – identifying healthcare professionals committed to providing treatment and affirming health services to LGBTQ+ communities.

    Developed as part of Healthgrades' continued partnership with OutCare Health – the nation's most comprehensive resource for LGBTQ+ health equity – this designation will allow LGBTQ+ consumers to use to easily find one of over 3,500 doctors and providers identified on OutCare's OutList as affirming in their care for LGBTQ+ patients.

    "This new designation symbolizes our ongoing efforts to provide consumers honest and transparent insights into how doctors treat their patients and listen to their concerns," said Dr. Brad Bowman, Chief Medical Officer at Healthgrades. "Together with our partners at OutCare Health, we aim to address disparities within the healthcare system, drive inclusivity, and empower people of all backgrounds to make informed decisions about their health."

    More than 20 million people in the U.S. identify as LGBTQ+, yet a new study conducted by Healthgrades and OutCare Health uncovered that medical gaslighting disproportionately impacts LGBTQ+ patients, with 47% of respondents indicating they experienced medical gaslighting in the last 2 years, compared to 26% of cisgender, heterosexual respondents. Similarly, trust in the US healthcare system is far lower among LGBTQ+ communities (17%) compared to cisgender, heterosexual communities (33%). To help LGBTQ+ people in their search for care, Healthgrades is integrating the OutCare Outlist, the largest international directory that recognizes LGBTQ+ affirming healthcare professionals, within the site.

    "Medical gaslighting is very real and experienced by LGBTQ+ people every single day. This pervasive healthcare discrimination leads to substantial distrust in providers and systems, so finding LGBTQ+ affirming providers is very important, but it's also quite difficult. That is why the OutList is much more than an online directory. It is a testament to our efforts to foster and sustain safe and affirming care for LGBTQ+ people," said Dustin Nowaskie, MD, OutCare Health Founder and President. "We are thrilled to partner with Healthgrades in our endeavors to drive positive change and improve healthcare outcomes for LGBTQ+ people."

    The OutCare OutList is open to providers of all identities, distinctions, and specialties. Healthcare professionals undergo rigorous review before being publicly added to the directory. LGBTQ+ affirming doctors and providers can apply to join the OutList by visiting

    The new affirming care designation complements Healthgrades' existing suite of tools and resources designed to aid consumers in their journey to finding equitable care. Featuring over 10 million patient reviews, and information you can't find anywhere else about a doctor's experience and affiliation to high-quality hospitals, only Healthgrades makes it easy to find all of this information in one place. For more details or to find an LGBTQ+ affirming doctor, people can visit

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    About OutCare Health

    OutCare Health is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting health equity for LGBTQ+ communities worldwide. OutCare Health's mission is to empower LGBTQ+ people with comprehensive information, resources, support, and education, including an affirming healthcare provider directory, mentorship, training, research, community building, support groups, webinar series, blogs, and much more. OutCare Health's vision is to create a world where every LGBTQ+ person has access to quality healthcare and feels empowered to live their healthiest, most authentic life.

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