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Not All Measures Are Equal

Hospitals invest time and resources to improve a patient’s experience. That experience means real dollars to hospitals either in recommendations or in reimbursements from Medicare. Our 2014 analysis identified that certain HCHAPS measures had higher relationships to a final recommendation—showing that not everything is equal when it comes to patient experience.

Hospital Quality Outcomes 2014: Healthgrades Report to the Nation

The assumption that the nearest hospital is as good a choice as any other hospital is risky. Our annual report shows that hospital performance varies considerably among different procedures and conditions, as well as between hospitals within the same city. Higher complication and mortality rates not only have a personal impact on patients, they also drive up healthcare costs.

How We Measure Hospital Quality

Healthgrades rates hospital quality based solely on objective measures of performance—mortality and complication rates. Simply put, we ask if patients died or experienced a complication during their stay in the hospital for a range of common procedures and conditions. Healthgrades measures 40 million patient records from 4,500 hospitals nationwide for the most recent three-year period.

Pick Your Provider Before Your Plan

A survey of 1,000 consumers across the country reveals that Americans are virtually unanimous (97%) in agreeing that having the right information is the key to making good healthcare decisions. It’s important to evaluate the doctors you would have access to and the hospitals where they provide care—before you pick your insurance plan.

Healthcare Quality Matters

It means the difference between life and death, or quickly getting back into action

What Americans don’t know about their doctors and hospitals could be putting them at risk. While all hospitals are committed to providing quality care, hospital clinical outcomes vary among hospitals. Our reports on clinical quality highlight this disparity and identify hospitals who achieve superior clinical outcomes in care areas and specific conditions and procedures. Knowing this information before you seek care can improve your chances for the best outcome possible.

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How We Measure Hospital Quality
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