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Dr. Rubeen K. Israni, MD


Male, Age 40, Graduated 1999, Boston University School Of Medicine

4923 Ogletown Stanton Rd
Newark, DE 19713
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How to Get the Most Value from Your Appointment

Your relationship with your doctor is a partnership. The better able you are to communicate your needs and understand your options, the more productive your appointment will be and the more likely you are to get the treatment you need.

Before the appointment, research your condition and the treatment options available. Write down your symptoms and their dates of onset. List the questions you want answered.

The time you have with your doctor is all too brief. A little preparation will help you make the most of it.

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Accepting New Patients: Yes

Accepted Insurances

Establishing a Partnership With Your Doctor

Establishing a good working relationship with your doctor can make a difference in your health and the health of your family. Make sure you:

Choose a doctor with whom you are comfortable talking. Your doctor may be helping you make life and death decisions, so you must feel that your doctor cares about you, listens to you, answers your questions, and helps you understand. You should not feel afraid to discuss anything with your doctor or feel intimidated in any way.

Talk with your doctor about your values and preferences regarding care. Do you prefer to try more conservative therapies first? Do you wish to complement traditional therapies with alternative therapies? Will your doctor support your preferences?

Find a doctor who supports your information needs. If you prefer to be well informed about your condition, find a doctor who will provide additional resources for you and who will allow time during your appointment for you to ask questions.

Talk with your doctor about how involved you wish to be in making decisions. Do you want to know all your options before making a decision? Does your doctor support you seeking a second opinion?


The Right Doctor in the Right Place

In a perfect world, the right doctor would be right around the corner. In reality, you may need to sacrifice some convenience to find the doctor who best meets your needs. If this doctor isn’t everything you’re looking for, search for nearby doctors.

Bear in mind also that many doctors work out of multiple offices. When you call to make your appointment, be sure to confirm the location.

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Nephrology Associates, P.A.-Delaware

Newark Office
4923 Ogletown Stanton Rd
Newark, DE 19713
Map & Directions

St. Francis Office
701 N Clayton St Suite 401
Wilmington, DE 19805
Map & Directions


How to Select the Right Hospital

If you should need to go to a hospital for care, you and your doctor should discuss which hospital provides the best care for your medical needs. Some hospitals may be better equipped and have expertise in performing certain procedures. 

To evaluate a hospital, you’ll want to check the hospital’s experience in treating people with your condition, the quality rating they received for any procedures you need, and their record for keeping patients safe. Discuss your hospital options with your doctor to get the best possible care available.

Why Researching Your Doctor’s Hospital Is Important

Why Researching Your Doctor’s Hospital Is Important

Your doctor can only treat you at a hospital where he or she has admitting privileges. See how all hospitals are not alike and how your risk of complications or death can be lower at one area hospital than another. Whether your doctor treats patients at one or more hospitals, you will want to compare the quality ratings of each before selecting one. If your doctor’s hospital falls short in quality, you may want to find a doctor who treats patients at your preferred hospital.

Healthgrades Hospital Quality Ratings

Check out the quality of care at the 1 hospitals where Dr. Israni has admitting privileges:

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  • Christiana Care Health System - Christiana Hospital

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