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Southgate Radiology and CT/MRI
15300 Trenton Rd
Southgate, MI 48195
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About This Practice

Diagnostic Radiology, and Neuroradiology Board Certification in both disciplines: including Myelography, CT and MRI scanning. outpatient clinic services including interventional spine injections and epidural spine steroid injections in a comfortable environment with flouroscopy and precise localization technigues. Spinal compression fractures treated in office with percutaneous Vertebroplasty bone cement injections for osteoperotic vertebral spine fractures. Herniated disc, minimally invasive discectomy procedures. A caring extremely competent and well trained physician in an environment surprising to find in a small outpatient clinic.

Year Established: 1995

Medical Director: Dr. Robert H. Bixler

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Dr. Robert H. Bixler, DO

15300 Trenton Rd, Southgate, MI 48195